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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Exam Night!!!

"Mom, Mom get up!!!"
"hah...ohh...!! I am still awake beta, so how many chapters are done????"...

Some incidents in our life, though insignificant result wise, leave a deep impact and a sweet memory to cherish forever.

I still remember that night. Don't ask me the date, I was always weak in memorizing dates. As one of my 'super' intelligent friends used to say "why do we have to remember dates in history, it's the fact which is important, figures i can always find out in some book." Figures never attracted him, well, on the same lines I was always found short of dates in my history answer sheets.

It was March 2005, one of the most tensed periods of my life, courtesy AISSCE EXAMS, I mean my class 12th board exams.Next morning, I was supposed to write my Biology paper....yes..I had biology too; I was one of them who loved to sail with each leg on a boat. Boat 1 'Maths' and boat 2 'Biology'!!

WHOPPING 20 plus night..the equation was already superfluous for me.
It was like climbing the Qutub minar to grab a cup of icecream before it melts...all alone..without any help.

Well, the evening started. My visual sense at its best and mind somehow coping up with the gradually increasing load.1,2,3,4,....10,11 God.."why do they make so many chapters???". I wished some pages disappeared from my book that night.

"Dinner time!!!!!"came my mom's voice piercing all my concentration..
I always considered it as the intermission of my study-show, 'Dinner time'.."why did they cook food so early today, its just 10:30 pm!!" After I made everyone wait for 15 minutes, finally my father shouted "whole year he won't study and then he will torture everyone of us with his last night virtues, you know the whole colony knows that your son has some exam tomorrow!!"...what could I have done papa, I had the genes of an engineer, and who understands the value of last minute better than us!!

During the whole dinner my mind was at page no. 236, trying to imagine what is next in store for me!!

Then came the most difficult phase of the night. With the whole world asleep, essentially my family, and silence like that of a cemetery, I used to find it very difficult to concentrate for a long stretch of time. Still, no choice right!! one night of resolution could have made me a hero next morning!!
While I was preparing to wage the lone battle, came my savior- my MOM.

With around 6-7 magazines and newspapers in one hand and reading-glass in the other, she just made me feel I have another commando with me, ready to take on enemies!!
"you continue your studies, i am going to stay awake with you till you finish your course"..that sentence was just poetry to my ears!!
"Trust me mom, it won't take more than...uhhhhhh 3 hours!!!!!!"
We had one more companion, a bowl filled with Grapes. It was decided that whoever tends to sleep, will have to eat few grapes to break the shackles of the dormancy creeping in.

And I started, with better energy, all directed towards finishing my course. Chapter no. 12,13,14 and pluup!! came a grape into my mouth.I didn't realize that I was half asleep!! My mom looked like a strict headmistress.I offered her few grapes with a witty smile and resumed my mission. 16,17,18,19,20 and I suddenly happened to look at her. Though the ticking clock was warning me every moment, I still took out a few seconds to stop and observe.

She was asleep. Her face looked so plain with no expressions.The eyes, silent yet so tensed about her son's exam. Her glasses, half over her nose, just ready to be taken off. Her still body, tired and needing rest, yet energetic enough to last through the night for her son. Her mind, running through dreams, yet preparing to share the reality as much as she can.
"What would she gain if I get 10 extra marks in the exam!! "
Well, my stupid questions found no answers.

I woke her up..."Mom, Mom get up!!!"
"hah...ohh...!! I am still awake beta, so how many chapters are done????"
With a composed look I said " I am done, all chapters finished. I am gonna rock tomorrow!! You can go and sleep, please. You have to wake up early tomorrow"
"uhh...yaaaa..I should, good night beta, sleep well"
I switched off the light. She went to her room and laid down on the bed. After around 10 minutes of struggle, she was all calm again.

ON came my lights and I continued my battle. I don't remember when did I sleep that night but I was prepared for the exam.....atleast I thought so!!!!!
Well, exam was okay..I won't reveal the marks..actually it is not worth announcing. However, whatever I got, I owe maximum of that to my commando partner!!!!

These little moments are always forgettable in our life but they leave such a distinguished print in our heart that we just can't help recalling and missing them.
Life is always full of such little, touching moments but our hearts have become matured enough to feel them.
Sometimes, I feel like becoming a child again so that I can cry out my feelings without having to cover them with a deceiving fake smile.

Love you mom!! you know I do, and perhaps you also know that I would never be able to put these emotions in words!!!!


  1. Very well written about Mom buddy...Mom is the truest friend we have, when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts...I believe, For everything we are today, Its the mom’s love that showed us the way..

  2. The very first moment we land up in our Mom's arms, there is a smile and the smile with tears.. though we are crying loud.. She holds us very calmly.. the warmth of mothers love... from that very moment my every heart beat whispered in my ears.. My Mom, I love you. My Dad I love you...

    Raj .. Its so precious gift that you have shared.. Nice yaara.

  3. Very truly said Raj. No one can take her place in our life. She always make us feel that YES we can do it....she is always like a ray of hope when we feel like everything is going out of our hands....i can say that i am handicapped without her. thanks for the beautiful post.

  4. Thanks Devika, Pradeep sirji, Tissen and 'anonymous'.....nice comments from all of u...

  5. I definitely share the sense of wonder u have as to what drives mothers to be so selfless and so motivated to see their children though their difficult times.

    Absolutely loved your expressions here. Esp the line: "one night of resolution could have made me a hero next morning!!" short,apt and still says a lot about your frame of mind at that time.

    Keep writing! :)

  6. Hi,It was simply b'ful.May u keep writing n experiencing the lvly world of words.

  7. Thanks Ashish and 'Anonymous'.....!!